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Helping Make Your Business Ownership Dream a Reality

When it comes to starting a business, having the right attorney matters. Since 2007, attorney Ryan L. Pry has helped local entrepreneurs establish their businesses, assisting with every step along the way.

Choosing Between an LLC and a Corporation

The business planning process typically begins with the choice of entity, whether it be a limited liability company (LLC), a “c” corporation, an “s” corporation, a partnership, or even an unincorporated sole proprietorship. Ryan has the experience necessary to counsel clients on the pros and cons of each option from a variety of perspectives, including ease of management, costs involved, and the tax implications of each. Give our law office a call today at (540) 838-2233 or contact us online for more information or a consultation on starting a business with attorney Ryan L. Pry.

Entity Formation

Once the decision on the type of entity has been made, we typically prepare and file the appropriate documents to form the business entity. These are usually filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.


Occasionally there are situations where clients may be better served filing in another state (often Delaware) to take advantage of more favorable corporate laws. We have relationships with counsel in other states who can act as local counsel there when it is necessary to form the entity outside of Virginia.


Once the entity is formed, we prepare the appropriate governing documents (i.e., Bylaws, Operating Agreement, etc.) which will set the day-to-day rules for the management of the business. Depending on the situation, we can tailor these documents to serve the needs of your business – ranging from the simplest “single member” Operating Agreement for an LLC to a more complicated tiered membership model with different classes of members.

Registered Agent

Attorney Ryan L. Pry also currently serves as registered agent for dozens of businesses in Virginia. In this role, he ensures that the business stays current and in good standing with the State Corporation Commission. Additionally, in the event that your business is sued, the legal documents are typically served on Ryan at our office, rather than having sheriffs’ deputies appearing at your local place of business.

Call Today for Information

If you have questions about forming a business or having us work for your existing business, please give us a call today to set up a no-pressure consultation.