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Experienced Contract Drafting for Individuals & Businesses

A well-written agreement is often the key to a smooth, worry-free transaction. Regardless of the nature of the deal, ambiguities in a contract often lead to disagreements, and disagreements often become expensive. For peace of mind, it is important to have everything in writing, in a manner that is comprehensive, clear, and definitive.


Since 2007, Attorney Ryan L. Pry has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals with a variety of contracts and agreements for almost any type of situation. Examples of his work include:

  • Purchase Agreements for Real Estate Transactions
  • Asset Purchase Agreements for Sales or Acquisitions of Businesses
  • Contracts for the Sale or Purchase of a Vehicle
  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements
  • Prenuptial/Premarital Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Agreements to Settle Disputes Regarding Estates
  • Shareholder Agreements for Corporations
  • Easements and Right-of-Way Agreements for Landowners
  • Loan Agreements
  • Deeds of Trust

Contract Review Services

In addition to the contract drafting services described above, Ryan also offers contract review services. If you are contemplating a deal and the other party has given you a proposed contract or agreement, we can review it and suggest revisions where necessary for your protection and benefit.