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Will & Trust Representation: Ryan L. Pry, P.C.

In today’s digital world, we recognize that the legal marketplace has a wide variety of estate planning options. However, our experience sets us apart from the competition.

Since 2007, attorney Ryan L. Pry has drafted over 750 wills and trusts for clients in Radford, Pulaski County, Montgomery County, Roanoke, Wytheville, and elsewhere across Southwest Virginia. To date, none of those documents has ever been challenged or set aside in court.

We provide a variety of estate planning services, including:

Wills. The primary purposes of a will are to (a) name the person(s) who will serve as Executor, and (b) instruct the Executor on how to distribute the assets of the estate. A well-drafted will accomplishes both of these purposes, while also doing several other things, such as waiving surety on the fiduciary bond, granting necessary powers and authority to the Executor so he or she can act after your death, and more.

Trusts. There are a wide variety of trusts, and each has its own benefits and potential drawbacks. We often recommend using a Revocable Trust (also known as a Living Trust) to our estate planning clients. Trusts often provide much greater flexibility to control things after your death, and they also provide greater privacy by often avoiding the court-supervised probate process. Trusts are also very useful with any of the following situations:

  • Minor children or grandchildren
  • Individuals with Special Needs who may receive public benefits
  • Large estates where tax planning may be necessary
  • Estates with family-owned businesses
  • Family-owned farms
  • Estates with land located outside Virginia, such as a vacation home or timeshare
  • Situations where the Executor/Trustee is not a Virginia resident

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Utilize Estate Planning Tools Like Wills, Powers of Attorney, and More

There are many options for estate planning available to Radford-area residents. Legal options like wills and trusts and make sure our clients can transfer assets according to their wishes, even after passing away. Our attorney listens to each client’s concerns and can assist in drafting a legally binding will or trust to ensure it provides for beneficiaries on your own terms. Additionally, legal tools like powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives, or living wills, give an individual full legal control of their medical care, even when they cannot make decisions on their own. To find out more about our options for estate planning, from financial decisions to probate, call Ryan L. Pry, P.C., today.

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