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What is Estate Administration?

When someone dies, all of his or her possessions become part of his or her estate. The term “Estate Administration” refers to the process of handling the estate, paying any debts, and ultimately distributing the remaining assets to the heirs or beneficiaries of the estate, as either determined by the Will, Trust Agreement, or in cases where there was no will, by the laws of the state. Reach our law office by phone at (540) 838-2233 or contact us online to set up a consultation today.

What is Probate?

Technically, probate is the process of “proving” the Will. In Virginia, the probate process typically begins with filing the Will with the local Clerk of Court in the jurisdiction where the deceased person had lived. The court then typically assigns the estate to a Commissioner of Accounts, who is a local attorney charged by the court with overseeing the administration of the estate to ensure that everything is handled properly. The fiduciary will typically file an Inventory with the Commissioner of Accounts, and then one or more annual Accountings.

Services That We Provide

With more than a dozen years’ experience working with estates, attorney Ryan L. Pry is well-suited to handle any estate situation that may come your way.

First, we recognize that this is a time of loss. Nobody looks forward to hiring an attorney, especially under circumstances where a loved one has recently died. Adding the complexities of the estate or probate process to the mix can sometimes seem overwhelming. We are here to help. By providing experienced, compassionate legal services, we aim to make sense of the process for you while helping take care of things so that you are free to grieve.

As anyone who has previously served as an Executor or Trustee will likely agree, the Estate Administration process frequently involves challenging complications, such as:

  • Ambiguous language in the Will or Trust document
  • Complex tax situations, such as unfiled returns
  • Disagreements among co-Executors
  • Disagreements among Beneficiaries
  • Dispute between a Beneficiary and Executor
  • Claims or potential claims against the deceased person
  • Situations where a beneficiary died either just before or after the death of the Decedent

As experienced professionals, we can assure you that the possibilities here are endless. We have seen and dealt with some of the most complicated estate situations in Southwest Virginia. We care about you, and we are here to help.